Monday, July 06, 2009

Run, Fat Boy, Run Review

Most people like to post review about movies that have just come out. However, I like to post about movies I have just seen. So, here we go.

Run, Fat Boy, Run. That film about Simon Pegg wanting to win back Thandie Newton by running a marathon against her new boyfriend. The film is really more about him not "running away" from his responsibilities but, as the conventional romantic-comedy goes, I just knew from watching the trailer that he was going to win her back.

I thought the film was very enjoyable. It "hit the wall" (small thing for people who have seen it) with many stuff, mainly with the comedy part; I dont recall laughing out loud. Its no Bridget Jones, thats for sure, but it is much better than some of the shit I have seen in my mother's DVD collection.

Simon Pegg, who is one of my idols, just excels at everything he does. Everything from Spaced to Hot Fuzz defines me! He falls into what I call the "Michael Biehn Effect" which is: No matter what shit he is in, he will create a performance making that film WORTH watching. Biehn did that with Navy Seals (which was dreadful, but Biehn was awesome!) and Pegg, in turn, did with Big Nothing (not as dreadful but could have been so much better). He is one of two highlights in the film. The other is Dylon Moran, who is just a completely different kind of awesomness. Just watch this video:

Black Books

Overall, Run, fat Boy, Run is definately one of those films thats watchable. But its more of a telly watch than a must-have DVD-buy.