Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween High Jinks - Ringu vs The Ring

"Before you die, you see the ring..."

With it being Halloween, I felt like rewatching the only 3 movies that genuinely scare me everytime I watch them; The original Japanese version of the Ring films. I was going to do it properly at first; at night time, with popcorn and a teddy bear. But then my friend kindly reminded me that the last time I watched these movies I did not sleep for a few nights. So I thought I'd play it safe.

Many consider Ringu to be much better than it's American counterpart. Unfortunately I saw the remake not only long before I saw the original, but long before I even knew it was a remake. And because of this I was jumping at almost every point in the Gore Verbinski version. And now, that image of a certain TV with a person crawling out of it is now so iconic that it is very difficult to feel what the audience felt during it's first viewing over 10 years ago.

The film has its moments (lets just say I stll cannot look at the reflection in my TV set). It lacks in scares compared to the GV version by relying more on suspense and chills than in-your-face scares. But I believe that the storyline is somewhat more intriguing. Rather than a creepy girl who has powers, we have a lot of people realising the possess ESP; while some only have a small feeling about something and others can control it, some have it so strong that they eventually become evil which, to me, feels a lot less random than the remake.

It is because of this, that I am not going to pick which version I love. What one lacks, the other is much more superior and vice versa. And whatever is left is pretty much on par with each other. Ringu is a classic landmark in horror that Hollywood has not had a grip of since the early days of Michael Myers and Freddie Kruger. And The Ring is, as far as remakes go, one of the best the Hollywood has ever made join great titles such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Man Who Knew Too Much and King Kong.