Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Amy's thoughts on... Friday the 13th

Hi all!! I just finished watching Friday the 13th (2009). Lets face it, I'm a crap reviewer so we shall call it "Amy's thoughts on..." from now on!

I have to admit that there is only one reason for my to watch a movie that has been slagged off by both Kermode and Empire... and that is Jared Padalecki. I adore the bloke! He is just so good on Supernatural that I can forgive him for putting me through some of the longest hours of my life: New York Minute and House of Wax (although there was a small consolation prize in that one!!) and he puts up a decent performance in Friday the 13th; Unfortunately, the rest of the film doesn't live up to it.

Does anyone remember the days when sex scenes in movies actually meant something? (eg in Don't Look Now) Well, I don't but I have seen quite a few from before my time :D. I really do hate it when they put sex scenes in movies just for the sake of it. And in my opinion, there was just too much of it going on. I didn't jump once, mainly because there were far too many clich├ęs (of course he isn't in the freezer, he's above you!!) it was only the gore that got to me.  

And I know that people who read this shitty blog and my tweets and (unfortunately) live with me, I have been going on about Supernatural way too much. Well, everytime there was a scene involving darkness and a torch I couldn't help but think of Sam Winchester. Padalecki really played both roles the same and I ain't too happy about that!!

So, it was alright. But I would't recommend it for a night in. This is strictly for either die-hard Supernatural fans or fans of the franchise.