Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Amy's thoughts on... Supernatural 4x21: When the Levee Breaks

*There will be spoilers in this post, you have been warned*

Season 4 Episode 21
When the Levee Breaks (Air Date 7th May 2009)

Dean Winchester: "If you walk out that door, don't you ever come back"

Good afternoon peeps!! I was bored earlier today and decided to watch a random episode of Supernatural. Unfortunately, it had to be from a season I hadn't seen, which had a huge season-long story arc. Fortunately for me though it turned out to be an absolute cracker!!

Premise: There isn't a job in this one. But Sammy has been a silly pumpkin and got himself addicted to demon blood; Ruby's blood to be exact. He claims this is because he wants be strong enough to kill Lillith, the demon that sent Dean to hell, but Dean thinks otherwise. So Dean and Bobby lock him into a "Demon Panic Room" to make him go cold turkey. 

Most of the episode focuses on his agonizing withdrawal from consuming demon blood. This involves hallucinating about his dead mother, his younger self (who makes the very valid point that he is as far from "normal" as he craved when he was younger), previous adversaries and last, but not least, Dean.

When I first started this show, I had the same watching attitude as I did with Torchwood: "It ain't the greatest, but as a fan of the genre they could have done worse, so I am therefore going to stick with it". The writers must have been planning years in advance for this (and if they haven't, then they have done a bloody better job than Lost, 24 and BSG!) because there is of course that horrible moment when you realize what John said to Dean just before he died "If you can't save Sam, kill him". And Sam is indeed turning into a monster.

Then, after escaping the cell and getting some blood, Sam has a confrontation with Dean that is so electric and well scripted and acted that you just don't know what has hit you. From what I have been reading and/or told, their relationship has been slowly crumbling for most of the season. Sam dismisses Dean's claims that it is himself that will save the Earth from the Apocalypse, not Sam. I never ever thought I'd see the day that Sam would do this so coldly. Sam thinks he is going out to save the world when actually, as the next episode shows, is a trap for releasing the devil himself from hell. It sounds a little far-fetched but its actually kinda great!

And they fight. Even that is well acted in a way! Because every single punch is a betrayal of each others love and trust and so heartbreaking to watch in every way. I couldn't find an embedding code for the fight. It is up about 10 times but is only available on this very fine looking link which is simply called : LINK. There is a terrifying moment in that scene where you actually believe that Sam will kill Dean, proving that he has definitely been corrupted.

One of the best episodes of SN I have ever seen. Astonishing from every level. Kudos to all involved!!