Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Big Thankyou

In September, some of you, mainly on Twitter, will recall that Kristien, my father's girlfriend's son (so in essence, my step-brother) was involved in a terrible car accident in Westhoughton on his way home from school.

Doctors doubted that he would make it through the night. But now, 2 months later, he is still fighting the big fight. He is still with us. He will never be the same again, most likely disabled. But the important think is that he still with us, thanks to the wonderful Doctors and other countless medical staff that have helped to make this happen.

My first thanks would be to those staff, who have done everything to the best of their ability to help Kristien this far. He will not be out of hospital for months, so my thanks could be premature. But I just cannot help it, that Christmas advert has made me feel terribly charitable! My second thanks would be to the creators and memebers of the Support for Kristien Dunnington Facebook group. It is gestures like these that keep hope alive and fears at bay.

And, my third and final thanks, go to my wonderful followers of Twitter. I have attempted to go back into my @replies list but it is far too long and taking a toll on my browser to find the exact twitterers who kept tweeting words of encouragement and warmth, making myself, and the family feel better. I feel blessed to have accidentaly stumbled across Simply Syndicated  "twitter directory" on the forum because then I would not have these "twit-friends" to whom I can totally be myself with; chatting about movies and TV shows and just general weirdness all around!! Thankyou, so much for helping us through this difficult time, all of you!!