Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween High Jinks - My Night of Terror

It has been rather well documented on my twitter that I have been watching a lot of terror in the last 24 hours. So here I am to share it all with you!

Ringu 2
Sadako: "Why were you the only one saved?" 

As I had posted a blog post earlier about the Ringu movie I thought I'd watch the sequel. Now, a brief history: this is not the original sequel so to speak. There was another one called Rasen which was shot at the same time as it's predecessor. It involved a lot of the same cast and crew and was also released simultaneously because the makers thought it would be a massive profit.

How wrong they were. While Ringu went on to become the highest grossing film in Japan, Rasen was ignored. It has since won the label "the forgotten sequel", but they recovered quickly; because one year later, they released what they hoped to be a sequel to remember. And it really is.

The story mainly focuses on the people who had little screen time in the first movie; it is about how they have been affected by the events. There are several terrifying moments in the movie including a moment that will forever scare me: a woman walking into her flat to see two hands holding onto the railing of the balcony; and when Sadako exits her coffin...

The suspense is unbearable at times. And while it probably won't be considered the classic that the first one is, as far as sequels go, I have seen much much worse!

Halloween + Halloween II
Dr. Sam Loomis: "You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me." 

At this point during my night, Becky, my flatmate, had just got in. She then remembered that the first 2 Halloween films were on BBC2 so we got the duvets and pillows, switched off the light and curled up on the sofa. I was quite excited about this because, being a bit of a film buff, I had never seen Halloween. However, I was rather worried that because of my film buff-iness (:D) at having seen the classic scenes from the movie on many TV shows in the past, that it would not have an effect on me.

I was quite wrong!

John Carpenter doesn't go for in-your-face scares. He goes for suspense. And that is exactly what you get; His use of lighting and music add to the suspense so perfectly that I thought my heart was going to rip out of my rib-cage like a freakin' chestburster! Myers' slow walk and deep breathing added a Nosferatu-type terror about it. And I was pleasently surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. 

I am really fond of Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. Both have special places in my heart for various reasons. I really admire Curtis because this was her film debut and she had to compete with having 2 really famous film stars as her parents that may have caused people not to take her seriously. But she excelled. Her "Scream Queen" status is very much justified. I have not seen any other of her horror films (I missed Prom Night, which was on earlier) but very much plan to.

Now here's where my My Night of Terror took a bit of a turn; Becky decided that rather than getting the chinese delivered, we'd pick it up. So I missed a good portion of Halloween II. But what I did see I f*****g loved!!! Yes, it wasn't perfect like the first instalment by any means. But there was still enough chills, suspense and definately enough deaths (the nurse getting burnt in the bath got to me!) to keep the movie going for me.

Supernatural: 1x11 - Scarecrow
Dean Winchester: "Dude, you fugly"

Do not give me that look!! :D Becky and I have slowly been making our way through Supernatural ready for when (or if) Season 5 airs in the UK. I used to be a big fan of the show until I lost track of it in season 3 (it didn't go bad, I just plainly didn't know it was back on ITV2 until it was too late to catch up!) so watching it from the beginning is interesting. We decided to go for the next one in the series: Scarecrow... a fine addition to My Night of Terror.

Basically the boys have a tiff and go their separate ways. And while Sam goes to search for their father, Dean investigates the disappearance of a different couple every year in the same town. Turns out to be some Pagan Scarecrow thing. They meet up again and defeat it!! Same as any episode really! But it was unsettling...

Well, it scared me the same way Michael Myers did: slow breathing and walking along with the stabbing etc. The set = perfect; the orchard is very creepy and they're not your stereotypical horror scene like a house or a graveyeard etc. The lighting = a vast improvement on previous episodes. I do not know whether it is my television set or not but the early episodes are terribly dark.

I know it is not the perfect TV series. But I love it. And Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are freaking hot dude!! And that always helps. They are also so good in their roles. The writers, for once (this goes for every TV show) decided to focus on what was right about the first season ie the chemistry between the brothers. Now in season 4 they have it perfect. 

The balance between humour and, well, everything else is just wonderful! It is my believe that these two actors were born to play these roles and I won't hear any different.

The soundtrack is also a plus; using classic rock is the perfect combination with that car...

Both actors also starred each in a horror remake this year, Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine, which I am hopefully going to see soon.

Ring 0: Birthday
Miyaji"You've all had the dream about the well haven't you? There's another Sadako. If we don't kill her we'll all die under the curse!"

Well, here's a prequel that you do not see often: a good one. It is also a prequel that makes Sadako, the most infamously unstoppable villain since Michael Myers, is now the protagonist. Premise: Sadako hasn't had the greatest of lives. So she joins a drama group to get on with her life. Unfortunately people begin to die... but it is out of her control. She is a young woman who doesn't want her powers. All the other characters hate her guts and decide to take matters into their own hands...

What we have to remember here is that this whole film is based on dramatic irony; it is very difficult to make a decent film when it is pretty certain that 100% of the audience know how it is going to end! So the tables are turned and Sadako is now a victim.

It turns out that her powers come into full wack when she gets agitated. So that bloody reporter and all the other people in the drama group only have themselves to blame, not just for their own deaths, but the deaths of many other people years later. Oh, and there are 2 Sadakos!!! A good one and an evil one. 

When they merge, it is "very very evil" Sadako. And so, when this finally happens, one of the best, if not the best, sequences to come out of this franchise begins. In the forest, "bad" Sadako practically floats around killing people. An amazing directorial decision was made in which the camera never actually focuses on her, but the people she is following; the camera will move and we all of a sudden see her in a very different place in the background. This is the second time I have seen the film and only just noticed that she is almost in the background, all the time! I never noticed this because I was watching the her next victims...

This sequence could make it into one of my favourite of all time...

Even though she is a very bad (dead-) person in the first 2 Ringu movies, I can't help but feel sorry for her after watching this. She is a tortured soul trying to get on with her life and that is when everyone decides to have it in for her. It makes me so angry...

So, there you have it!! my Halloween night!!! What fun!!! Hope you all had a great Halloween and weekend!!