Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Favourite Youtube Videos

I was just surfing on Youtube, yes, Youtube. It is probably on of the best websites in the world. And so I thought I would share the ones that are my favourite at the moment.

NCIS: The Greatest Show

A lot of people who will read this is most likely to know that I love NCIS, it is one of my favourite shows (a huge statement from me considering I'm a sci-fi geek!) but this trailer is wonderfully made. And I hope you enjoy it.

The Green Lantern

This new movie is going to star Ryan Reynolds. But before he was cast, a lot of people were wanting Nathan Fillion to be in the role. I love Nathan Fillion; in Firefly and Serenity as Mal Reynolds he was awesome. And in his current series Castle he is equally awesome (even putting Firefly references in because, lets face it, most of Castle's fans are Firefly fans such as myself!). This person has ingeniously put together clips from many movies and changed effects themselves to make this video look like a proper movie trailer!! I once posted it on twitter, only to get the reply "So when is this coming out?" it was that real!

What really happened after the Death Star blew up

A wonderful animation of Emperor Palpatine finding out about the Death Star's destruction. With lots of little injokes and hilarious moments, this surely has to go down as one of the greatest Star Wars videos ever made

Movies You Should See: Prepare the Night Arrows

Okay, so this is not a video, it is an audio clip from one of my favourite podcasts. But the story of "Prepare the Night Arrows" is so wonderfully told by Rich that you can't help but laugh! It is now rooted in Simply Syndicated's history as one of the best wuotes of the show. Enjoy!

Star Trek DS9 Intro - BSG style

Even though many would call the opening music to Battlestar Galactica boring, I think it is pretty cool. Despite its slow pace, it matches that of a science fiction series that explores humanity rather than spacial anomalies and forehead prosthetics perfectly! Out of all the Star Treks to grace our screens, DS9 was more like BSG; which makes sense considering they both had the same writer.

Doctor Who Intro - BSG style

Once again its another BSG-style opening to another sci-fi show, except this one has the opening ident, before the teaser comes on, as well. What I said above applies to this one really and once again, it is pretty awesome!

Sammy the Demon Hunter

Supernatural, another one of my favourite shows. And because it fills the void that other supernatural-based show such as Buffy and Charmed left behind, there are loads of mash-ups on Youtube of the openings of the show. Supernatural doesn't have opening titles; Only a title card saying what the show is called then it dives straight in. I think this leaves the opportunity for the creativity on the part of the fans. And this one is no exception, the Buffy music is a perfect fit to the images, and the tone of the show.

Harry Potter and the Brokeback Goblet

Yes you read right. The amazing Brokeback Mountain had that amazing trailer with some of the best music I have ever heard in a trailer which, for some weird reason, has been associated with gay relationships. Not that I'm complaining! This trailer just proves that if you edit in the right way, you can make any movie you want!! And here it is done ingeniously in a way that every time I hear those pieces of dialogue whenever I rewatch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I cannot help but burst out laughing!!

Star Trek the Next Generation: Dallas Style

Yup! I like my mash-ups!! lol And this one works perfectly, complete with the split screen madness!!

Well that is all I can come up with for now, but rest assured (or hide in terror!) that I may post more things if I ever find more youtube videos, and no doubt I will as the web is a weird and wonderful place!! If anyone has any suggestions than please tweet me: @Amezzeray