Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amy's Christmas Playlist

So, I had this 2 hour skype converation with my Dad the other day. It went like this:

Dad: "Amy, you left loads of CDs behind including that signed album you have"
Me:  "I know Dad, just leave it. *very bored*"
Dad: "Oh! And I found your christmas CD."
Me:  "What Christmas CD?"
Dad: "The one that you burned. It has "Amy's Christmas Tunes 2007" written on it."
Me:  "Is it any good?"
Dad: "Amy... its one of the best Christmas playlists I have ever heard"

PLEASE NOTE: Now this is a lot from him. I am famous for my bad taste in music. A lot of people laugh at my Elliot Minor hoodie and my love of James Blunt (I have just lost your respect now havent I?).

Dad: "Well, the CD is a few years old now and its all jumpy in the CD player. Can you make a knew one?"
Me: "Why can't you make it?"
Dad: "Cos you can do it"

Cheeky bastard.

I fall into this trap every Christmas; I can never seem to find my Christmas playlist! I have to re-download them every year! So I downloaded them again. And having made my CD (and a playlist on iTunes for mt iPod) I am going to share it with you!!