Sunday, December 06, 2009

Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea

I think its pretty much common knowledge that I enjoyed this game immensely. Me and my good friend Joe went to the pub and watched the match in glorious HD.

The game started off well. I thought City put a hell of an effort in but it just wasn't good enough. Chelsea over-powered us easily at times.

Then that horrible thing happened: Adebayor own goal. We knew it wasn't his fault, but City desperately needed a win. I spoke to a City fan at the pub:

Stranger: "I can't see City coming back from that"
Me: "Well we couldn't last year. But the team is much better as a unit than they were last season and after what happened at Old Trafford, you never know!"

It was at that point that he started to look at the match from a different view. So yeah, City lost at Old Trafford, but I still say it is one of the greatest football matches I have ever witnessed in my entire near-20 years of living! That conversation also proved that Mancunians are the best people in the world! Because they are the only people who are willing to talk to strangers about football in the pub!! I tried once with a Man U supporter (from London no doubt... ) didn't go too well!!

And my God what a comeback!!! City seem to have finally broken out of the "fall behind and lose all hope" way of playing and gone for more of a "oh shit! We're behind, lets kick some Premiership arse!". And I bloody love it!! It has been a while since I saw a brilliant MCFC match (yeah, the Arsenal one midweek was good, but I missed most of it... oops!).

Oh, and another thing this match proved is that Shay Given has been the best signing Mark Hughes has made since the mega-big takeover last year. Given consistently shown that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League and that showed with the penalty save. So the penalty wasn't taken brilliantly by Frank Lampard (who hasn't missed for a few years!) but Given still managed to make something of it, and I love him for it!!

I am still over-excited by this won. Not only is it out first win for a while (then again, we havent lost since THAT derby!) but it is the first time we have beaten Chelsea for a while. We also showed the potential for breaking into the Top 4.

So before I ramble into the night, here's a little parting gift to all City fans out there: a nice little sing-song: