Friday, January 29, 2010

Amy's thoughts on... NCIS: Los Angeles 1x13 - Missing

So we're just over half way into the first season of the NCIS: Los Angeles and I have to admit I am rather enjoying it. It is not the best written television show on today by a very long stretch but I think it has loads of potential. This first season so far is miles better than that of the original, NCIS, and look just how popular that became! Actually, NCIS has been a bit crap lately. Yes I give you permission to head-slap me now...!

The episode opens with a bloke being abducted from his car while driving. A few shots go off and then back to the team. They are all suffering from the previous night of drinking and singing and then they get a message saying that one of their agents is in danger. This agent just happens to be rookie Agent Dominic Vale. Someone that none of the team have really gotten to know in the few months he has been with the agency and they therefore feel guilty because of it.

I have to admit that I kinda went into this with low expectations. Mainly because the original had a first season episode of the same name which was AWESOME but also because Dom's character wasn't written well enough into the show. I get the feeling that they realized what a crap actor they had written and instead of making him a bigger part of things the have him bloody abducted! This is by no means a fault to Adam Jamal Craig. A huge waste of talent and the writers should be ashamed of themselves!

But all that aside, it was a very good episode. I had read an online review of this episode saying how there was no tension. But I felt tension. Then again Chris O'Donnell just has the effect on me :P I thought all remaining cast members showed their own personal pain in a way that I thought NCIS did wrong when they killed off Kate (don't give me that "ahhh spoilers!" look! Its been 5 years!). One of the major pluses of the episode was to leave it unresolved. I honestly thought that they would find him. Whether they found him alive or dead is a different matter altogether. But when they went to the location, he's gone! Was he taken by other abductors? Did he wander off on his own? Personally I like to think that he managed to escape but the experience traumatized him to a point where he gets "well 'ard" and wants to get "revenge" on the team that "abandoned" him. I know that's a lot of quotation marks. It would probably make more sense if you get see me doing the air quotes. hehe.

Rating: 8/10 - Overall I found it one of the more enjoyable episodes. It was so much better than this week's NCIS, which left me bored and not caring! Hopefully the ratings can be consistent enough for it to grow into something just as special, if not more, than it's predecessor. And on a final note....