Saturday, January 02, 2010

Blast From the Past - The Story of Tracy Beaker

Literally just now, I was channel-hopping. I wanted to watch my new Supernatural boxset so badly but my sister wants to watch them with me before I return to University, and she is spending the weekend at my Mums house. Then I came across CBBC. I have gone off childrens channels. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am no longer a child, but because there are so many of them that they have to make a lot of crap to fill the slots. But it was in fact, an old show that I was addicted to when it first came out.  In fact, it was one of the very first episodes.

The Story of Tracy Beaker was a CBBC show that was based on the highly popular book of the same name by Jacqueline Wilson. Now, I do not know what it was like at your school, but before Harry Potter was popular with my school (well, the movies weren't out yet, so why should they be?) Wilson was the thing to be reading during reading time straight after lunch. I haven't read many and it has been a very long time since I have even touched them. But I have distinct memories of reading 3: The Bed and Breakfast Star (about a family who move into a Bed + Breakfast after the Dad loses their job) and Love Lessons (about a girl who goes to school for the first time, having been home-schooled her whole life, and falls in love with her Art teacher) and of course Tracy Beaker.

Tracy Beaker is about a 10-year-old girl (played by Dani Harmer) who lives in a foster home she likes to call "The Dumping Ground". She doesn't get along with any of the other children or the social workers. To them, she is a girl with "behavioural problems". But likes to tell tales of her mother, a Hollywood actress, coming to get her eventually after being sent back to the home by 2 couples who ha fostered her. In the show, they use the same illustrator from all the Wilson books to show what Tracy's imagination is like with cartoons, despite being a live-action show. The series then goes on to the kid's various shenanigans including trying to get fostered and their various daily affairs.

A lot of characters in the TV show were not in the book. And at the end of the book, Tracy is finally fostered by Cam. That is how the first series ends. But they kept going due to its popularity and 5 series and 1 TV movie later, Tracy will be returning this year in a 13-part series called "Tracy Beaker Returns" in which she returns to the "Dumping Ground"  as a social worker.

I felt a small sense of nostalgia watching this show again. Not as much as watching the Animated X-Men show, The Crystal Maze or Power Ranger but it was there. For a moment, I felt like a little school-kid again. So here is part of an episode for your viewing pleasure...Enjoy!