Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away Come Again Another Day!

So unless some of you have been living under some kind of thermal rock, it has been a bit chilly in the UK recently. And when I say chilly, I mean its been the coldest winter we have had for 30 years (according to 8 Out of 10 Cats anyway. God I love that show!!). Back home in Manchester, it was quite nice for a while! It was my first white Christmas since I was about 5 (and even then I couldn't build a snowman because I had been naughty and was sat in "the naughty chair!") so it has been a lot of fun... until you end up changing into different jeans 3 times a day because Daddy doesn't like wet jeans messing up his clean house and remembering that most of the public transport services have been cancelled because of it which isn't great when you have to get back to University!! It has been so cold that when we ran out of room in the freezer over Christmas, we just stuck it in a carrier bag in the bag garden!! One of my sisters had an extra week of Christmas holiday and my other sister's (I keep going on about sisters in my blog posts. Just so you know, I have 4!!) school was one of only 3 schools open in Stockport!

Well luckily I managed to get back fine today. And while I was on the 3 hours+3 trains journey back 2 things caught my attention. The first was the Metro. There is something about British public transport that automatically makes you want to read the Metro. It was hilarious for me a few years ago to see 50 students on the bus reading the same paper. Anyway, the front page had the amazing satellite image taken yesterday of Britain completely covered. Suddenly my life didn't seem so bad. It is an astonishing image! It reminds of the bit at the end of The Day After Tomorrow where the astronauts see the Earth from space and say how beautiful it is. Quite fitting really since Britain was the first place that Emmerich the bastard froze in the movie.

The second thing that caught my attention was the image from the train which is the second snowy image you can see on this post. My camera the twat is broken so BBC had to help me out. Basically, Brayford Pool is completely frozen over (yes the photographer was a bit late that day. Its only partially frozen in the picture). You can't see it in that image but I actually live next to that. Its not the best thing to look at in this city but I was still shocked when I saw it. Remarkably my first reaction was "Where will all the Damien's go?". (The Geese that is. They are the devil's work! They are! They give me evils all the time!) And then there are the Swans as well. I actually saw one skidding across the top early. The highlight of my day!

Thankfully the snow here isn't as bad as Manchester. Only an inch or two here. Dragging my really heavy suitcase along was much easier as well unlike in Stockport where a simple 5 minute walk to Davenport Train Station took a good 20 minutes while dragging my suitcase through 4 inches of snow felt like dragging a dead body there were no wheels on it!

What a pointless post!!! I just wanted to rant... and show excitement. Because despite the disruptions this has had on the lives of millions living in the UK, it is a bit exciting as well because some days can be boring... especially just after Christmas and New Year!

Happy Snow Day all!!!