Monday, January 04, 2010

Well, I Warner-ed you!!

Since Christmas I have been watching a lot of Supernatural. My Mummy got Season 4 for me at my request and its been brilliant. After watching a rather funny episode (Yellow Fever. Amazing stuff) when we decided that we wanted to watch some Special Features. Specifically the Gag Reel since the one on the Season 3. Anyway, despite 2 of the discs, as well as the bloody cover sleeve saying "Special Features" on them, there were none, zilch, zero, nada!

Now usually, this wouldn't bother me. But there was something about the fact that this was a gift that made me want to pursue this. So I did some googling. Gotta love the internet! I ended up on the Amazon UK page and it said this:

Note: Dear customers, we have been advised by the distributors of Supernatural Season 4 Complete that this title will unfortunately not contain the advertised Special Features. For further information, please contact Warner Home Video customer care number on 0207 984 6480, where a representative will arrange to send the correct replacement discs.

So I rang the number expecting to be on hold forever and a day. A very lovely lady gave me an address and told me to send the boxset to it, with a note with my details on it etc. I'll finish watching the DVD first but I'm gonna do it. It seems like a lot of effort but what can I say? I just love those Winchester boys :P

This reminded me of another incident that happened a few years ago. A man bought his young daughter Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. She switched it on. And then a few minutes later the Dad find out that the DVD had been misprinted and it was The Exorcist she was watching! Oh dearie me! (full story here). And then there was a christmas where I specifically asked for The Exorcist on DVD. But my Mum musn't have been reading her glasses at the time because I somehow ended up with Exorcist: The Beginning. Not wanting to upset her, I get my trap shut and decided to give it a go. And... it was actually The Exorcist!!! I asked her if it was a cruel prank just to wind me up. But she insisted it was a mistake that she bought it in the first place! Although I like to think of this particular incident as a blessing!

All these incidents have one common factor: Warner Home Video. I won't go as far as saying "they have a track record for doing this" as I haven't heard of anyone else (obviously except for the ones mentioned) having problems. But they really do need to stop making these mistakes!! This is probably the most useless blog post in the world! But what can I say? I love ranting! And if my sisters don't listen then Blogger it is! :D