Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Amy's thoughts on... Legally Blonde

Lemme tell you a quick story! I love fridays!!! Me and my friends gather at my flat and we make food together. From brownies... to pancakes... to chinese... we just pool together, get a few items from tescos and make a big meal out of it. At the same time we watch TV. This comes in useful when the kitchen and living room is one big room. Then we usually watch WWE Smackdown then I toddle off to my room to listen to Richard and Allison's Super Happy Fun Time!

So last friday night, there was nothing on. Well, Star Trek was on but I am a lone trekkie :( So we put a DVD on. Once again I was over-ruled... Legally Blonde. I have never had any intention of seeing this in my life. I am not the rom-com type. I am a science-fiction girl! (Although Mean Girls is a MASSIVE exception. A movie more contagious than snoring!) We did not watch all of it because Smackdown came on. I was quite surprised at home much I enjoyed what little I saw of the film. So I made a mental note to stick it on sometime to finish it.

Then fate intervened.

As most students are in the daytime, I was bored. I had just got out of a 3 hour Film Workshop and I wanted to watch Star Trek. But while I was browsing the BBC iPlayer, low and behold, Legally Blonde was on the list in the movie section. So I curled up in bed to watch it.

I fucking loved this film!

I have always loved Reese Witherspoon. She's hot AND a brilliant actress!! See Angelina!!! Not just you!! :P The movie isnt as good as Cruel Intentions, which I just LOVE, but there are clear messages in this that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

9/10 - So I rated it higher than Avatar + Sherlock Holmes... So what? This movie has a special place in my heart called "the greats" and is at the top of the list. The other part is of course: "The Fucking Awesome" (you know, Shawshank, Aliens, Star Trek 2. etc etc). So watch it! And tell me you weren't moved by it!