Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amy's thoughts on... NCIS: Los Angeles 1x15 - The Bank Job

I have kinda been raving about this show for a while now. It isn't fantastic. It's no Caprica or Battlestar but it provides great entertainment, the type that the original NCIS has been lacking as of late. I have yet to be completely disappointed by any of the 15 episodes that have been aired so far. When I heard about the casting of LL Cool J in this show I immediately went "oh God! This is going to be crap!". And while he isn't the best actor in the world, he is most definitely decent. I haven't been disappointed by him and, if anything, I have actually been rather impressed.   

Just a mere 2 episodes after one of the main cast members went mysteriously missing, they decide to release a promo for a new episode saying that they could lose one of their own... again. This could probably explain the ratings spike for the episode. And while it's probably a blatant ratings ploy, the episode in itself did not disappoint.

NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye gets shot during a bank heist before the credits even role. Then we go to the ever so popular "24 hours earlier" flashback that so many programmes use today (Supernatural for example does that quite a lot). We learn a lot about Kensi during this time and realise that she has her troubles. Their investigation leads them to believe that a group of people are going to rob a bank. So Kensi goes in undercover beforehand to find the mole in the bank that will let the robbers still millions in frozen terrorist money.

I won't spoil it for you. But needless to say that it is an exceptionally clever episode. It's not quite Ocean's 11, but it had that same effect on me where I had to rewatch the episode immediately just to "get" all the little things about how they solved the case. And Kensi?? Well does anyone remember that thing Gibbs did that time? Well, its the same. 

So overall it is probably the best episode so far. I highly recommend that you watch it. Part 1... below...