Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Amy's thoughts on... 24 Day 8: 6AM - 8AM (No Spoilers)

As a lot of you have probably realized by now, I only blog about specific episodes of my favourite shows when I am either bored, or have been extremely wowed by the content and quality of said episode.

This is the latter.

It has quite literally been a roller-coaster ride for the final season of 24. In some cases, we have been given the best that it has to offer, while some hours have been downright terrible! This season has also offered us the worst subplot known to 24. Dana Walsh has taught us that no matter how much of a fan you are of Battlestar Galactica, you can actually get bored by her presence as well as angry.

But you know what?? This double episode that aired in the States last night is the pure, vintage 24 that we know and love from the golden day of season 5! Back is the trademark suspense. Never before has the red countdown on a bomb been so tense! Jack drives a cool car! Betrayal in the government! Oh I cannot take this excitement! A government storyline hasn't worked so well since Day 2, when they tried to overthrow the mighty David Palmer! Seeing President Taylor slap someone across the face was AWESOME! Zain from The Bill (that was cancelled recently too! shame!!) continues to impress.

Now, back to the Dana situation. To me, the revelation that she is the trademark CTU mole was a last ditch effort to make her interesting and, ironically, likeable! It's amazing how all of a sudden, she is jumpy and suspicious! Whereas, the joy of Nina Myers' revelation as the mole of Day 1 was that the seeds were sown very early on, for example, it was established really early on the Nina was an amazing liar. This was presumably done so that she can cover a rogue Jack effectively, but here, it does not seem right.

But now it's getting good!

I won't say much except, for those who haven't seen it yet (ie UK!!!) prepare yourself for masterful suspense, awesome acting (Freddie Prince Jnr in particular) and the best and purest 24 you are likely to see before it ends. And a silent clock hasn't effected me so much since Tony Almeida's "death". If they manage to top this with the finale, it will be ending on a the high note that us fans were wishing for! According to the promo for the next episode, it s going to get more shocking. AND.... LOGAN RETURNS!!!! Oh I need a slap...

Amezzeray out!