Saturday, April 03, 2010

Amy's thoughts on... The New Doctor!! (No Spoilers)

So the fifth series of the epic Doctor Who is upon us and I have to admit that I have been worried all day. I mean, I had this feeling when Christopher Eccleston left but David Tennant Turned out to be really really good! But nevertheless, I sat down with a cup of tea, earl grey, hot and half of an easter egg and anxiously waited for Total Wipeout to end. 

Now, the first episode that aired tonight, Eleventh Hour, had moments which were vintage Who! The Doctor rambling on about science-y things and him telling off an alien for being mean to good ol' planet Earth! These were moments that lifted me from doubt! Moments that made me all giddy again (although I was already giddy this afternoon due to this: link). I like the new look of the opening and the TARDIS (except for the middle that looks like a fucking glass dildo! its a kids show FFS) but the theme tune needs to grow on me. I realize that it is very similar to the old version but I loved the Series 3/4 one!

With Moffat taking over as head writer, I was expecting changes. Things like changing the sonic screwdriver and the TARDIS just goes to show what lengths Moffat will go to to make the show his own, and not cashing in on what RTD did with the series. I appreciate that! I can't wait to see the episode with the Weeping Angels, Moffat's creation! Not only is Blink one of my favourite episodes, but it introduced the wonderful Carey Mulligan!

Right-o... Matt Smith. I had my doubts. For me though, it wasn't a question of whether he would be good, it was a question of what he would do with the role and whatnot. That is the beauty of playing the Doctor! Regeneration just doesn't mean a new body, it means a new personality. It is the a dream role!! Because you can take over, become a household name, be the hero of every child in the country and still make the role your own! And I need a few more episodes before I make my mind up. I didn't hate him, we just haven't seen it all yet. 

And I loved Karen Gillan as Amy Pond! Especially in that outfit!! *glazes over for a moment* 
*SNAPS BACK* Anyhooo, where was I? Yes! Amy seems like a fun companion to have. Can't wait to see what she beings to the mix. And I loved the little twist about her in the end...

Overall, a very good start to the series. Definitely not the worst they could have done. I will be watching religiously every week and I'm really looking forward to what changes are going to happen! Now, I'm gonna end this with the trailer that ended the show. Enjoy!