Thursday, April 08, 2010

Manchester City: Rants and Memories

Well, I know it is a bit premature to be blogging about City before the season has ended but lets be honest... this is the most successful season City has had in the top flight this century! And I'm happy, I genuinely am! But part of me cannot help but be a bit angry. (and yes that pic was taken YEARS ago)

City haven't won anything for 30 odd years. Nothing in my lifetime. I clearly remember the first match I went to. I was 7, it was against Norwich and we lost!! 2-1. One of the things I remember about this match was that there was a minute silence for Princess Di. We got relegated to Division 2 that season. I think it can be said that it was the lowest point of City's recent history. But then things started getting better for us the next season. We got promoted in what I what I see as one of the greatest moments of my childhood. 2-0 down with 5 minutes stoppage time. Drew 2-2 and won on penalties against Gillingham! And that was a play-off promotion bagged! I still giggle every time I see Tony Pulis on the telly...

And the following, in my opinion, is the definition of pure passion!

This goal is the most important goal scored by City in recent history. I still get goosebumps watching it. Dickov celebrating... the absolute deafening crowd... wow! And it turned one of the most hideous away strips into something that every City fan had to own. I have one! The very one that my Mum wore when she watched the game at Wembley on 30th May 1999! I remember the exact moment! I was listening to it on the radio at my Gran's place since both my parents went to the match. All I can say is... I wish I was there! I should also point out that about 1 week earlier, United won the Treble. So there was something in the water in Manchester methinks! Suffice to say, all of Manchester (and London) was very happy indeed.

And from then on in, things have been great! We got a new stadium, bagged a few promotions and a relegation again but we kept fighting. This is the City I miss! The forever fighting City!! And the perfect example of this is the next video. It's typical City... but in the good way!

Then money came into the mix. We got taken over by the Abu Dhabi United Group. We are worth millions with even some speculating that we are the richest club in the world. Meh! Like all the other City fans in Manchester, I was mega excited! You start thinking ahead of yourself, saying you're "finally gonna get something"! But then reality comes back to you and you realize that these things take time! Even the re-signing of Shaun Wright-Phillips, one of my heroes, didn't send me over the edge. Then, they made the decision to spend a ridiculous amount of money on 1 player: Robinho... the highest amount that an English club had played for a single player! 32 Million?!?!?! That was just atrocious from the get go! Outside City, I'm not that well informed when it comes to players from other British clubs let alone Brazilians! I had never even heard of him!

This took me back to another childhood memory. Can't remember how old I was, but I clearly remember my father telling me really excitedly that City had payed the most they had ever payed in the history of the club on one player that day... Lee Bradbury for £3 Million!! He failed to make an impact. I remember chanting "Lee Bad-buy" and then he left. He currently plays for Bournemouth. This got me thinking that Robinho will be good to start off with, but after the hype died down we would realize that at the end of the day, he is just another player! And where is he now? On fucking loan!!

My overall point, is that if we keep buying players, current players will be out of a job and, possibly, out of the job of playing for their own country because they aren't playing regular football. Take Joe Hart for example. City have always been very fortunate when it came to goalkeepers. One of my childhood heroes is Nicky Weaver after he saved that penalty! Hart has shown a lot of promise and he made his debut for England... then we bought Shay Given. Not only did this contribute to Newcastle's downfall, but also stopped Hart from playing. Are they fucking nuts??? Watch this. He deserved a medal for that! Don't get me wrong, Shay has won me over. But I still feel bad for Hart. At least he is now at Birmingham getting regular football. I also miss players that became City legends by making themselves known at City. Players like Tevez and Adebayor are fantastibut I miss the days of Shaun Goater and Paul Dickov! The days where you would feel exhilirated by just seeing them walk onto the pitch!

I only rant because I love City. But if Sheikh Mansour wants results, you can't just buy them! First, we need consistency. Now, for a club that has had 15 managers in my lifetime, we cannot get that! I hate to use this as an example, as it is likely my father would kill me should he read this, but look at Man United. 1 manager. So Fergus-scum is a bit of a knobhead, but he built a team from scratch, with very little money and look at what they have gained in the last 20 years! I respect him for that, and only that! If the Arab owners want results, then changing the manager every time they don't get the right results only weakens a squad. I like Roberto Mancini, I really do. But is he doing a better job than Mark Hughes? So we drew a lot!! So what? Mancini will probably go if we don't get the Champion's League spot. Can't they look on the bright side of things? We still have a pretty good chance of getting into Europe with the position we are in! Oh it makes me so angry!

I don't care what happens to City. Well, that's a lie, of course I care! I want them to fucking win anything they possibly can! My point being: no matter what happens, I will always remain a loyal fan. I am critical because I love them! I have regular arguments with people who tell me that football is stupid, and that it is a money game. Well, I partially agree. I bet many young boys look at David Beckham and think "I want to be like him someday" - not a legendary football player, but a fashion icon who has shitloads of money! Football is losing it's passion. Listening to the cheer from when Dickov score that goal up above made me realize that I haven't heard a cheer like that since. It's the passion. And City is helping to create lack of it through ridiculous spending power. Hopefully they can get their act together and realize that there is more to it than that.

Most of this probably didn't make sense. Some of you will probably leave a comment which will make me look like a fucking idiot. But I don't give a shit because I seriously needed to get this off my chest. So, with that I say...

Amezzeray out.