Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mothers and Daughters...and Nick!

This is in response to my Mum's blog post here. I called just to tell her I loved her last few blog posts and told her I was watching the Prime Ministerial Debate on the iPlayer because I missed it first time round.

I have never really taken much notice when it comes to politics. I met Ann Coffey, the MP for Stockport, my hometown, when I was 10. She was a lovely lady! And since I turned 18, I just vote Lib Dem in the local elections because I don't read up on any policies and I just vote for the middle! But this is my first general election since becoming a voter, so I thought that I should take more of an interest. For most of my life, I have always believed my vote wouldn't count and that I am perfectly content with the way things are going in my life at the moment. But then it struck me that we are lucky to have democracy and that voting is the least I could do to make this country a better place!

Now back to the debate. It was Nick Clegg that won me over. I found Gordon Brown to be a bit passive. He would say what needs to be done but not counter any solutions to making it happen whereas Mr Clegg gave solid solutions to some of his policies and ideas. And I've never been much of a conservative fan.

However, it wasn't the policies or the ideas that me and my Mother talked about when the subject of Nick Clegg came up... but "He's not too bad looking is he?". This should be the campaign folks!! All the women eligible to vote that don't have sticks shoved up there arses should vote for Nick Clegg because he a looker!!

Lets make this happen folks!!! Nick Clegg for the next PM!!! Woots!!!