Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Theme Tunes

I have this thing about theme tunes.

Most people find it understandable that I would have something like Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who or even Waking the Dead on my iPod because they are EPIC pieces of music!

These are my favourites:

Then you go deeper into my iPod. And what do you find?

The following, which I have not watched in years. I love the Beeb, ITV and Channel 4. They make great drama! But they don't half make some shit telly... with AMAZING THEME TUNES!! observe...

*Just a quick note, I remember this particular storyline about the missing girl in The Bill. It last for 6 months. IT WAS EPIC! And yes that is the dude from 24. Although he, unlike all of the American drama he has been in so far, does NOT play a terrorist or any other type of foreign national!

And there goes what little respect you all had for me... I just bored! :D