Sunday, May 30, 2010

11 Years Ago Today: The Greatest Day of My Childhood

11 years ago today, I was sent to my Grandma's flat, staying the weekend with my Gran while my parents made a trip to London... to Wembley Stadium.

On this day 11 years ago, 30th May 1999 is in many ways both the best day of my childhood and the one day of my childhood that went by like a blur. It was Manchester City's first trip to Wembley for quite some time and, to be brutally honest, it wasn't even this that was making Manchester buzz. This was because Manchester United had just completed their Treble of achievements just days earlier and the last thing on the minds of the Manchester people was the lowly Second Division exploits of Manchester City.

As luck would have it, my Gran didn't have Sky Sports. But she did have a radio. It was a very boring match, even by my standards. I went to many matches that season including the final match of the season that got York relegated, added a very welcome 4 goals to our goal difference and secured 3 place for us. But I would have traded all that in a heartbeat just so that I could have gone to see City at Wembley.

I switched off the radio about 95 minutes in. We were losing 2-0. Surely it was all over! Kevin Horlock then got one back. But this is City we're talking about. They're predictably unpredictable!

Then this happened:

Paul Dickov then officially became the player that would be in the hearts off all Man City fan for an entire generation.

I watch this clip every now and then, particularly when City are being annoyingly shite. The roar from the fans makes me feel about passionate about football again. It reminds me of a time where we didn't rely on riches to bail teams out of crapness and, to be honest, I sometimes wish we were back to those times where you had to fight tooth and nail just to achieve something.

So, it ended 2-2 AET and then went onto penalties.

And Nicky Weaver achieved the same in our hearts.

It's not the FA Cup, The Premier League or even the Champions League. But if City hadn't have won on that day, we wouldn't be where we are today position wise or location wise. I doubt we would have got the City of Manchester Stadium and I doubt we would be the richest club in the world today. It may not be an "important" thing to win but... it's enough :D

Amezzeray Out...