Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Lions... 2010?!?!

I've been behind on my music for a couple of years now. I get weird looks! (Well, that goes without saying!)

But today, I heard there is a new version of 3 Lions. Meh?!?! I must be really behind if I didn't know this was happening! For me not to know this is like me not knowing when a new version of Band Aid is coming out.

Well, I went onto youtube and... I don't like it!

I couldn't even finish it! You could almost accept the fact that Skinner and Baddiel can't really sing for the 1996 and 1998 version of the song because... well... it had a very "football" feel to it. It was like a chant! One that thousands at Wembley Stadium with jump up and down to when singing along with it.

This one is utter dross! It features Russell Brand and Robbie Williams. I get Robbie Williams being in it. He is, afterall, A SINGER! I highly respect Robbie. I have his greatest hits album and his Knebworth Live album is spectacular. Russell Brand... I like him very much. The amount of times I got weird looks on the bus or the train because his podcast sent me crying with laughter is far too high to admit to and I love his stand-up work. Just... don't quit your day job Russell!

It sounds like someone has recorded bits and pieces and glued them together. My 2 year old sister can record a better version of "Once I Caught a Fish Alive" than this! Is it too extreme to consider this version the McSpaced of the whole 3 Lions collection?


But lets forget about that. Lets watch the best version (in my opinion anyway!) which is... 1998!

I feel all better now!

I also like this song. Nothing to with the Lightning Seeds, David Baddiel or Frank Skinner! Just another great England song!

Amezzeray Out...