Monday, May 24, 2010

8 Seasons: 192 Hours: 11,520 Minutes

24 is ending to tonight.

It comes as part of a flurry of popular and highly acclaimed shows that have been ending recently. Lost ended last night and Ashes to Ashes was also wrapped up (very well I heard as well! I ought to catch it sometime!).

24 is still unique. Yes, it may have fallen victim to clich├ęs and often falling flat at times but it always goes back to the pure, vintage 24 we know and love. I believe this "pure, vintage" form took place when the line "I'm gonna need a hacksaw" was uttered by Jack Bauer in the opening episode of season 2 (about 40 seconds into the next video).

This double episode has a lot to top because not only does it have to be satisfying, which finales almost always aren't, but because since they announced the cancellation, they have been pulling out all the stops! You name it, they did it! They've killed off characters you never thought would die, we've seen Jack torture someone with a blow torch and he stole a helicopter!! I am excited far too easily...

This is my fare-de-well! 24, you have been an amazing sport! You will be missed by many. Now you can have a sandwich and have a poo!! Good times...