Thursday, May 20, 2010

Amy's Bookshelf #3 - Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Well, it's been a while! My plan to slither back into my bookworm-ish ways was thwarted somewhat by something I like to call "t'internet". I got back into it... only for the library to refuse renewal of the book (Mark Kermode's "It's Only a Movie") because it was reserved. I was well over half way as well! Oh well!

I decided to give Twilight a go because of all the hype. Everyone keeps going on about these books and films. I have a soft spot for the films. The first one is just silly romantic fun and the second is choppy and uninteresting (until Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning are in it of course) but I have high hopes for the third one, due out this summer.

So Bella Swan moves to rainy Forks to live with her Father. She is very unhappy about this. She made the move to make her Mother happy so that she could be on the road with her step-dad. Then she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious teenager who seems to hate her one moment, then take an interest in her the next.

Turns out he is a vampire, part of a family that can control their thirst for human blood and decide to live amongst society. And they fall in love and well... the clich├ęd conflicts come about: "I shouldn't be with you for your own safety because I love you too much" and what-not.

All I can say is: "How the hell did this tosh get made into a film?"

The answer is simple really: it's a popular book amongst teens, who just happen to be the biggest market when it comes to movies. I can see why it is popular with the teenage audience:it's angsty. Since I am only 5 months out of being a teenager myself, one would think that I would understand the hype behind it. But I just don't. Then again, I haven't been very angsty since I was about 16!

Stephanie Meyer isn't a good writer. At times I found myself merely "skimming" the paragraphs rather than reading them. While I found the writing tedious and often boring at times, the character of Bella was very real to me: a girl who selflessly decided to move back in with her estranged Father in a town that she hated. But she find love. I also found the whole mythology about the Vampires very intriguing except for one thing... follow link.

And while I see all these flaws, I couldn't help but enjoy it! When I decided not to take it too seriously, I found it quite addictive and rather entertaining (I sped through the last 200 pages in 1 day!). It's like watching Hollyoaks in a way.

So I would only say read it if you are an angsty teenager. Do not read if you have seen the film because you find yourself, in some parts, wondering when the next good bit from the film comes along.

Better still, just watch the film instead. It only takes 2 hours of your time and you can spare yourself the trip to the library!

Amezzeray Out...