Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Theme Tune Ever? Match of the Day

You may recall me blogging about theme tunes a while back. And I forgot one. I forgot one that is terrible for me to forget. It is a tune that starts the adrenaline as soon as it starts at approximately 10pm every Saturday night during the Premiership season.

1. Match of the Day:

It has been the theme for the greatest football league television show in the world since 1970. And to today you can still get a reaction from it. In fact, it is the jingle of my local Ice Cream van back in Stockport...

This is according to Performing Right Society (PRS), who made a poll about what the best theme tunes were.

The rest of them:

2. Eastenders

3. Doctor Who (of course this bit is also awesome because of Rose and her big gun!!)

4. Coronation Street (bloody hell I haven't watched Corrie in years!)

5. Countdown (I haven't watched this in years either. I was always good at the numbers bit. A shame Carol doesn't do it anymore)

But of course Channel 4 do that annoying thing where they don't mind their content being online as long as it is un-embeddable. That's why I can't Crystal Maze things on!!! So here it is