Saturday, May 01, 2010

Forever Red

It was only in the last year or so that my inner child decided to return to the surface. And you know what that meant? Power Rangers!

Yes I mean to alienate you even more! But I loved it! I wanted to be the pink ranger! Anyway, I was geeking out on youtube when I found this video. It is from an episode of Power Rangers Wild Force (a bit after my time) and to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the original Power Rangers franchise, they did an episode where all of the red rangers during those 10 years were all in 1 episode! It was called "Forever Red". Considering its been around 8 years since it aired, I'm astonished that I only found out about it last year or so.

But any fan of the early ones ie MMPR, Zeo, Time Force (my personal favourite), Lightspeed Rescue etc will, like me just geek out over this video.

*NOTE: this is actually an edited version. Some poor sod changed it so that some of the rangers had cooler morphs. Plus it's much better quality than any of the "proper" ones I could find.

I always cringe slightly when watching Power Rangers now. They replace blood with sparks and always go for the spectacle! All those fireworks and whatnot! Now, I love the morphs! They make me feel like a kid again. But I can't help but think "you know, people are dying in the papier mache town! Be quicker!"

But I still love it :D