Wednesday, May 05, 2010

RIP Special Agent Dom Vail

NCIS: Los Angeles has been dismissed by quite a few people. Many of these people are hardcore fans of it's parent show, NCIS. They didn't want NCIS going down the CSI route. But we must remember, NCIS is also a spin-off, of JAG, and look at how great it is?

The first season of NCIS: LA by far has been much better than the current 7th season of NCIS by a long shot in my personal opinion. A few months ago, one of the agents, Dom Vail, played by Adam Jamal Crag, went missing. He was abducted by Colombians who were on the payroll of someone else. And they did what most shows today son't really have the balls to do... they left it unresolved. Until last night.

I blogged about the episode a while back. It was fascinating! Easily one of my favourites of the season. And I also said that the character wasn't written well enough. He could easily have been one of the best characters of the show, had he been given the right material to do it in. I don't blame the actor what-so-ever. In order to shine as an actor, you need the great material and direction in order to carry it out. And I thing he did well enough with what he could.

Turns out he was kidnapped for ransom. And only now are they taking action. To cut a long story short, they find him... then he gets shot while they're trying to escape. It was a tense episode that ended with a shocker.  Dom, his friends and the viewers went through all that only to have him die?? I'll tell you what... the writers have balls...

To do this so early in a show's run... I just can't find the words! It makes sense that the production team behind the episode would have the balls to do it since that most of them probably came from NCIS, a show that went from being a top 30 show to being the most watch show on American TV in the 7 years it has been on. I mean, when NCIS first killed off one of the cast-members, that was shocking but mainly in the way they killed her. Observe...

So NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles aren't perfect by any means. They are, however, very entertaining! But if Star Trek: The Next Generation managed to survive after that terrible first season, then I predict NCIS: LA evolving into greatness. This is why I will continue to watch.

And they gave Adam Jamal Craig the ending he deserved. After the terrible writing that got the character into the rut in the first place, they sent him out in a way which keep fans nattering until the next death comes along.

RIP Dom!! I'll miss you.

Amezzeray Out...