Monday, June 14, 2010

Izzy, Wizzy, Let's Get Busy!

So I'm in my room.  And all I heard was this noise coming from outside. It sounded exactly like Sweep from the The Sooty Show:

Sooty has been around since the 50s. And he has charmed children all over the world ever since with puppeteers Harry Corbett and Matthew Corbett. I loved Sooty and Sweep so much. I had toys of all the puppets from the show except for Scampi and you could make your own little episodes with them, complete with A MAGIC WAND!!! Unfortunately, my favourite Sooty programme, which I had on VHS and just LOVED, isn't embeddable by youtube, but you can watch them on the site here. This particular show, which I watch so many times, has helped me in many a pub quiz! Hehe! So even if you are an adult who has never watched it, please do. It is so charming!

Amezzeray Out...