Monday, September 27, 2010

Amy's TV Round-Up

So... it's that time of year where, in the US, the TV shows return!!! So this is me rounding up the season premieres and how they compare to their previous season.

  • Supernatural 
I have mixed feelings about this. Eric Kripke always said that he planned for Supernatural to have 5 seasons. Kinda like the way Babylon 5 worked. But, with the law of sod working as per usual, season 5 just happened to be the best that the show had to offer. It ended with Sam becoming Satan's vessel and throwing himself into the pit. Successful season... new season... but a new showrunner, Sera Gamble has taken over Kripke's work. The last shot of season 5 was, in my opinion, a blatantly crow-barred shot in which we Sam isn't dead afterall as he watches Dean settling down with a new family.

So where does one go from the Apocalypse? Your guess is as good as mine. While I'm happy that I get to stare at Dean and Sam again, I can't help but think that the show ran it's course already.

  • Castle
Castle won my vote for best television show of last year. This really says a lot about the shows I watch doesn't it!?!? It isn't the best because of the writing, or the acting, or the stories (although they are far from bad), it is good because it is damned entertaining! Nathan Fillion is one of those actors where his mere presence makes things better by 27%!

So last season (the second) ended in the most heartbreaking way: Beckett finally breaks up with her boyfriend after realising she has feelings for Castle, only to find out that he has given up trying to win her affections by going back to his ex-wife. BASTARD!

And then this season starts with him returning from holiday only to be accused of murder. Life's a bitch isn't it? It was a very entertaining episode from start to finish. And it only shows signs of continuing to get better.

While I think the new 3rd season has a lot to top (like the Indiana Jones-esque episode and the fact that CAPTAIN MAL REYNOLDS RETURNED!) I am not worried at all. Bring on more Castle! (UK viewers, the second season starts on Alibi tonight!)

  • Modern Family
For me, Modern Family was an after thought. "Oh what's this new show that they have been advertising to death while I watch the wrestling?". So I gave it a go and it really is one of the best comedies out there. I urge you all to watch it!

The season opener was no exception. It was magnificent! While Manny is trying to woo a girl, much to Gloria's displeasure, Cam and Mitch build a Princess house for Lilly (with hilarious results!) and Claire and Phil try to sell their old car, which has far too many memories for them to do so.

If you watched the first season let me just say this: we have a Mitch vs Pigeon scene again. Mitch and Cam are easily my favourite characters. They are just hilarious! 

  • NCIS 
I have to be honest, Season 7 has been a bit of a let down for me. It hasn't been terrible per se, it's just not lived up to what has made NCIS awesome all these years. I say this because the season opened with the most flawlessly perfect episode you have ever seen, capturing the pure intensity of what the previous season's cliffhanger had to offer. I haven't seen a TV show manage to top a cliffhanger in a season opener since... Star Trek The Next Generation! You know which one I'm talking about fellow geeks!

The finale felt flat all the way through. Rivera being a baddie was a nice little twist to the story and Mike Franks is always a delight to see despite his very limited screen-time. But if there is one thing that NCIS has always done well, it's season cliffhangers. Season 2 was shocking and had me going straight to HMV for the boxset of the next season while season 6 had me aching for more! This episode was no exception. So while the episode was flat, it had one hell of a cliffhanger that kept me guessing for months.

And it was a bit "meh"!

I only continue watching NCIS because I love the characters. The new season opener (a mammoth 8th season) while, not that bad, certainly didn't quite give me the levels of intensity that last year's opener had. I will keep watching because I have seen every single episode at least 3 times and I'm not going to stop now!

  • NCIS: Los Angeles 
So NCIS: Los Angeles isn't a favourite for most. Yes, the writing can be bad and yes, the stories aren't that original but you know what it is? BLOODY ENTERTAINING!

Actually, saying that, I prefered the first season to season 7 of NCIS. Many might disagree with me on this point but that is just my opinion. The first season ended with Callen finding out he has, or had, a sister. As he visits her grave, he finds a note from her "Dad" and realises he is being watched.

And the new season starts quite literally where we left it, or so we think! It turns out to be a dream sequence. A nice little touch from Shane Brennan! I applaud you!

So then we continue: Deeks, the NCIS/LAPD liason officer has gone missing while undercover. I shan't spoil but be prepared for some pretty great acting from Eric Christian Olsen (who has now been upgraded to main cast status). I have always like him! Chris O'Donnell continues to redeem himself for the rather likeable monstrosity that was Batman and Robin. (I like that film! It's better than Kilmer's!). I have never been let down by an episode. No, it isn't exactly BSG, but it is SOOOOOO much better than CSI! That goes for this AND it's parent show for that matter!

  • Brothers & Sisters 

So Rob Lowe decided he wanted to leave the show last season. And I can't blame him, he was a bit boring last year. So the season ended with a motorway pile-up which saw him supposedly dead. The season opens, taking place 1 year later and he is in a coma, with Kitty refusing to turn off his life support. This season opener, while not bad, probably rates as the most disappointing. In fact, I'm not really that hopeful about this season at all. Emily VanCamp is also leaving the cast. I like her, but it will also spare us, as the audience, another whole season of Rebecca and Justin breaking up and getting back together episode after episode. Although, saying that, Justin is acting much better!

Again, not hopeful about this. I think it is the beginning of the end for B&S. And lets face it, why did most of us start watching it in the first place?


Although I will continue watching for these two:

Because they are so freakin' adorable!

Lets all say it: AMY HAS NO LIFE!

Amezzeray Out...