Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween High Jinks - Paranormal Activity

Halloween High Jinks is back peeps!!! I did 2 posts last year about my scary time in front of the telly. And now I'm at it again! I love horror films. But for some reason I ALWAYS go on a bit of a marathon of horror. And tonight we start off with Paranormal Activity.

Made in 2006 for $15,000, it was released last year after endorsement from Steven Spielberg. It is a "found footage" film like Blair Witch and Cloverfield. And it is FUCKING SCARY!

To my knowledge, I have never seen a found-footage film. Cloverfield is very high on my "watch" list and I have no interest in seeing Blair Witch. I love the realism of it. The fact that here we just have a very mundane young couple who are slightly freaked out by an unseen force is something that I very much sympathized with. Small segue:  I have been on my own in the house for the last 2 nights and the sound of the pets rattling in their wheels has had me jumping a few times, hence the sympathizing.

So Katie and Micah has a demon in their house. Only it turns out that it is her that is the "haunted" one, since it has been following her since she was a child. It is a nice sense of originality. I mean, I'm sure it has been done endless times, but it is a nice break from the old "haunted house" story.  My only fear for the film is that it will become another "Saw" franchise and have one come out every halloween.

Stay tuned for more spooky goings on!

Amezzeray Out...