Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ollie Williams

So, at Sci-Fi Society the other night, me and this bloke were discussing the Star Wars episodes of Family Guy. Our opinions were the same: while Blue Harvest was a great Star Wars homage, it was a really weak FG episode in general (and the first I ever watched!). And Something Something Something Something Dark Side was much better. Just like the trilogy in question. hehe.

Then we got onto discussing the new, and final, Star Wars homage that Family Guy are going to grace us with: It's A Trap! will be out on DVD this Christmas time. At this point I said "I wonder which character in the Family Guy cast will be Ackbar?". I usually know this things. This guy answered my question: Ollie Wiliams.

Is there really a better guy to be Ackbar?

No there really isn't!

I reckon this one is going to be the best!