Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sci-Fi Society 2011 #1 - Splice and Dollhouse 1x01

I have been going to the University of Lincoln's Sci-Fi Society since the beginning of the academic year. I have found people like me. And even more people who are appalled by my geekiness. Fuck them! I'm here to geek out. So, with the New Year and new Semester starting up, I feel I should share my times with this wonderful society!

Every week we watch 1 film, voted by the society out of a selection of DVDs brought by people. And then we watch 1 episode of a television series that is usually decided at the beginning of the semester. Last semester we watched Pushing Daisies. That was really good!

So without further ado...


This is a bizarre, and disturbing film. Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody are scientists who make a creature using strands of human and animal DNA. This is not you're regular "science experiment gone wrong" film, even though it really does go wrong! It is about her abilities as a mother and his ability to not shag anything that has a pulse. Cue a very disturbing scene...

I enjoyed this film a lot. While it did not out right scare me, it was creepy enough to sufficiently rise itself above the horrendously large list of unwanted, unneeded and predominantly shit horror remakes. Yes, some of them are good, with Polley herself being in one of the better ones.

It doesn't quite take the original premise far enough to warrant itself a possible classic, but it's refreshing that a well-acted "good" horror film is out there. I recommend it.

Dollhouse 1x01 - Ghost

I like Joss Whedon a lot. Firefly is awesome. Buffy is awesome. Still not seen Angel but I can predict the it is awesome. Dollhouse. Tricky one. Cancelled after 2 seasons. Heard VERY mixed things about it. It is a marmite show! And those, in my opinion, are often the good ones...

The first episode, Ghost, establishes the premise. A "Doll" is a person wiped of all personality. Our main character is "Echo" played by Eliza Dushku, who, to me, will always be "Faith" in Buffy. But to me, is still the girl from True Lies. hehe! These Dolls are then rented out to people who request a specific personality. So the scientists at the Dollhouse imprint them with personalities and memories donated by other people. For example, in "Ghost", a man's daughter is kidnapped, so he goes to the Dollhouse and asks for a negotiate: Echo. Or Miss Penn.

It is a totally original idea that I cannot wait to explore further. Joss Whedon has this wonderful ability to draw you into a world. Whether it be a space western or Hellmouth, he is the master of drawing them in. Consider me drawn in. I cannot wait for more!

Amezzeray over and out...