Monday, January 31, 2011

A Year of Trek: So Far, So Good!

*trev-solo @ Deviant Art
So for those who don't know, I decided to undergo an epic undertaking of Star Trek: Watch all of them in 1 year. Seems impossible doesn't it? And I don't mean the time it will take, but rather how long I can sit through Voyager without ripping my hair out of my scalp (Like in that Saw film).

I am now approximately half way through TNG. I know, I know! I didn't start at the beginning. To tell you the truth I was in a weird mood that day and, as a result, didn't "fancy" watching Enterprise. And besides TOS, which I hadn't really put much effort into seeing, I realised that TNG was my least familiar Star Trek series. This shocked me greatly. TNG was always there on BBC2 when I was little. My Dad had several episodes (mainly the Borg ones and the first few and last few) videotaped.

Then, after much deliberating with myself (yes, I do that sometimes!) I realised why! I was 4 when TNG ended. I lived off repeats and videotapes. The subsequent series that followed them however, I watched week after week. Well, not Enterprise really because Channel 4 stupidly changed the timeslot in the second season from a Monday night to a... Sunday afternoon? When one has younger siblings and it is tea time, you generally have no chance on what was on the screen at the time. I was more likely watching the adventures of a certain boy wizard, some pirate-y thing where they turned to skeleton or a show about a woman and her dog and an aeroplane. Actually, that last one was pretty awesome!

Right, no more tangents. In the middle of season 4. All I can say is that it took a while to find it's feet. I'm not too sure that it would last 2 seasons if something like that was on today. But then again, it was the 80s... ;-) You can see where it gets better with the change in uniforms. Highlights for me so far are:

  • My favourite so far is this Q bit. It is probably the only time I have laughed out loud at a scene in Star Trek rather than chuckle humorously. 

  • Worf killing Duras

  • The obvious no-brainer, Locutus!

  • Anything involving Lore. Brent Spiner is amazing! And when you are treated to Brent SPiner times 2 (or times 3 like in one episode!) you just know you are in for a real treat!

  • Yesterday's Enterprise

  • Conspiracy - seriously, I loved the effects in this. It reminded me of The Thing. I want effects today to be more like this. If that head exploding was done with a computer, it would just look shit!

  • and... Data's Day. Which really is as cute as the title suggests.

And that's just the first half! So far, season 4 hasn't offered me any naff episodes. Well, a couple were, but on reflection, they were by no means "Spock's Brain" but just didn't live up to the much higher standards of the other episodes in the season. So, everything is so far, so good! And I cannot wait for more!