Thursday, May 05, 2011

Scream 4 Review

(I wrote this ages ago but forgot to "post". Oops!)

Scream was a groundbreaking piece of cinema. Wonderfully Meta and Postmodern. The rules of a horror film trilogy are well-documented throughout the first 3 films. Problem is, how do you make a fourth one and still continue what made the first 3 amazing? It was always supposed to be a trilogy, as shown by the brief appearance from Ghostface at the end of the first two movies before the credits rolled. What I always loved about the Scream films is the postmodern way it looked at movies. How do you survive a horror film? How do you survive the sequel? etc.

Scream 4 is just like the others: Ghostface starts killing again with taunting phonecalls and whatnot. The rules, however, have changed. Everything is either a sequel or a remake today, which is shown in a wonderfully ironic way in Scream 4. The real charm of the film is it's self-awareness. The meta level actually gets ratcheted up to a ridiculously high degree, a kind of mobius strip of references. Ghostface is recreating the murders from the movie Stab, the first in a series of seven, which was based on a book, which was based on the events of Scream, which was an homage and winking satire of classic slasher films. What I love about these movies is that they tend to go for suspense rather than jumps (like some of the better slasher movies) and also for laughs. This is a comedy! I loved it! But I had issues with the ending. I have to agree with the lovely Ro Karen. Go to her blog. Read her review and tell me that her version of the ending should have been used.

I went into this film with low expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A solid 3/5 offering. It is by far better than some of the shitty horror we've been getting so far this century, unfortunately, it doesn't hold a candle to the first two films. Oh and Laura Roslin is in it. This makes me very... {link}

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