Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amy on Potter #4 - The Chamber of Secrets

 "AMAZING! This is just like magic!"

This film is a very tricky one to look at in retrospective. This is because, at the time, CoS was considered much better, broader and epic than the original with director Chris Columbus trying new things  with the camera. And it is was that way until, unfortunately, the next film came out.

On it's own CoS is a fine film, with amazingly cheesy scenes and a cracking plotline. But when one looks at it after seeing the films that come later, you can't help but think that Columbus could have done better. At the end of the day, we should not complain, we should be thankful that that films are getting better. But the tone is so drastically different from the later films, you can't help but feel disappointed.

I think this is because it is hard to fault the first one because... well it was the first. It established the universe and the next films can expand on that as they see fit. CoS could only have been "the second one" and no matter how many people considered it good at the time, it is not considered so now because the later ones established a different path. This had better make sense... :S

This film also indirectly begins a plot point: the diary, which is revealed to actually have been a horcrux in later films. And Dobby... ah Dobby! He was an annoying little twerp in this, but by DH, he is cute and rather fun! I say that, but when Harry say "never try to save my live again" to Dobby, you can't help but feel a pang because we all know too well what happens when he does.

Also, and I have no shame in saying this, CoS contains one of my favourite scenes in the entire series: the final scene where Hagrid returns and thanks Harry and Co for helping release him. I do no know why but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy everytime. It is the perfect cheesy scene to end a fun family film with, and seeing as this is more or less the end of the "family" bit of the Potter story it seemed like a fitting goodbye. It is also Richard Harris' final scene as Dumbledore before his death in 2002. (only video I could find was poor quality)

Overall, cracking film and a fine addit.ion to the franchise, even if it does lag a bit.